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Washing & Bleaching Equipments

Vacuum Drum Washer

Based on absorbing the most advanced technologies, WenRui independently developed the Fifth generation of vacuum drum washer, which has been awarded with the national patents No. ZL2008 2 0026182.X and No. ZL2008 2 0025982.0, and considered as an ideal substitute for the forth generation of drum washer. Performance data successfully reaches international advanced level, such as large production capacity per unit area, filtering area increased greatly by the corrugated type filter plate, preventing back flow and “screen blocking” plane film sealed distributing valve increasing vacuum, steady running and easy maintenance.

Advantage: (5 th generation vacuum washer)

–          Large production capacity per unit area.

–          Drum using conical channel technology, increasing flow and filtrate throughput.

–          Plane valve fixed by multipoint, stable working clearance and vacuum.

–          Plane distributing valve occupies less area, compact structure, convenient to repair

–          The corrugated plate increases effective filter area, preventing back flow and “screen blocking”

–          Spreading press and agitation techniques, easy mixing and improved washing efficiency.

–          Combined side plate, feeding pulp by weir plate, divided seal structure, steady running and easy maintenance.

–          The speed of main drive is changeable through frequency conversion, electric energy consumption can be reduced.

Technical Parameters

Wash Press

As one kind medium consistency pulp washing, bleaching and black liquor extracting equipment, this wash press currently is reasonable in structure, advanced in functions and developed in technical level, and can achieve the continuous dewatering displacing, washing, pressing and discharging, etc. Unique designs and innovative technologies help Twin Roll Press obtain incomparable reliability and perfect performances, and can be used for black liquor extracting, washing, bleaching and thickening from straw pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wood pulp, waste paper pulp etc. Performance data has reaching to international leading level.


–          Using international advanced hydraulic drive system, pulp distributing system and washing system.

–          Combined with washing, dewatering and displacing press.

–          Fully improved pulp feeding structure with independent intellectual property rights to get better distributing effect.

–          Brand –new seal and scraper mechanism. Operate with good sealing and easy control.

–          Larger filtration area and displacement function, better pulp washing effect.

–          Sweden hydraulic drive system with Stable and liable running.

–          Modern control system for remote control.

Technical Parameters 

Single Screw Press

Single screw press can be used for thickening the chemical bleached pulp, CMP, waste paper pulp etc. and especially suitable for extracting black liquor during black liquor extraction stages. Pulp is pushed forward by the shaft through its screw – diameter and pitch changing. Pulp volyme decreases gradually, and the extracted filtrate flows into tank through screen meshes. Outlet consistency can also be adjusted by control of screw rotating speed or pressure of plug device at discharge end.


–          Low rotate speed, low power demand and low noise level.

–          Special structure design prevent pulp slippage, stable discharge consistency

–          High dewatering efficiency, extracting 80% black liquor from the pulp, drier pulp cake.

–          Applicable design prevent smell and black liquor overflow.

–          Completely mechanical extrusion dewatering, installation height not needed.

Technical Parameters (ZLY series)

Note: Technical parameters above is based on kraft wood pulp with inlet consistency of 8-12% and outlet consistency of 25-35%.

Technical Parameters (SP series)

Note: Technical parameters above is based on kraft wood pulp with inlet consistency of 4-12% and outlet consistency of 25-30%.


Wenrui developed chemi- mechanical pulp process equipment’s. The research experimentation 75t/d process has been completed. The trail –manufacture and application of the key equipment’s of process has also been completed. The key equipment’s of process include chemical pulping process, this process has such advantages as less investment, low operating cost, low water consumption, high pulp yield, less pollution and realizing clean production. This process filled a technology gap in China, reaching international advanced level.

Chip Washing and purifying System

New chip washing system consists of chip washer and inclined dewatering screw and auxiliary system as filtering screen, rejects screw and cleaner. Unique design makes attractive appearance, stable, economic and practical. It applies to wet preparation for wood chip, bamboo chip, cotton stalk, reel and straws.


–          Compact structure, convenient maintenance

–          High capacity and washing efficiency.

–          Low water consumption, water circulation >=90%

–          Auto controlled washing and rejects removing, easy operation

–          Advance structure guaranteeing chip dryness.

–          Good producing environment, energy saving.

Chip Washer

Chip washer machine is a key to the process of preparation and washing with the function of get rid of sand and metals in the chips in order to fluffing and pulping for the chips.

Structure Feature

Chip washer mainly consists of vat, drum, and sediment tank, frame and drive unit. Chip goes into washer through screw conveyor. By centrifugal force of drum, chips goes out of washer through discharge nozzle, and then drops into dewatering screw. When chips move in the vat, heavy impurities separate from chips due to agitation of water flow and drum by gravity. Heavy impurities fall through conical bottom into tube type sediment tank from which they are drained.

Technical Parameters

Inclined Dewatering Screw

The inclined screw drainer is one of the key equipment’s in chemi-mechanical pulping process. Its function is dewatering the washed chips through filtrate plate by itself gravity from the chip washer, and sending the chips to the steaming chamber to reach the required dryness of the sequent steam chambers. Impurities will be separated from the filtrate when flows through the inclined screen. The filtrate will be washed by the wire-washing system.

Structure Feature

The structure of the strainer is inclined screw structure. On the bottom of it is sieve plate, under which there is anti-blocking device.

Technical Parameters

Extrusion and Splitting Machine

Extrusion and Spitting machine is the key equipment to chemical pre-treatment stage of chemical mechanical pulp, the material will be completed softened by steam cooking, and then enters the machine to be pushed by diameter-changing screw. The discharge volume will become smaller gradually to press the material. The formal material structure will be spited to be discharged in the form of compacted form which can completely digest chemical liquors and do chemical reaction during impregnation stage.

Structure Feature

Extrusion and Splitting Machine is composed by drive unit, support part, pressing part, diameter-changing screw, washing device etc. The pressing part is composed by in-out double layer compound wires. The inner fine wires are for water filtration function, outside thick wires to transfer the filtrate and structure strength function with anti-slipping belts and stud. The outer diameter of diameter-changing screw will not change; the inner diameter will increase gradually. Or the inner will not change, the outside will reduce gradually. The screw shaft is single-end cantilever support structure.

Technical Parameters


Impregnator is important equipment in chemical pretreatment stage of chemical pulp Chips from extrusion and splitting machine fully take in chemicals during expansion in the vertical impregnator so that it can effectively react with the pulp in the reactor bin. According to different installation structure, there are two types of impregnator; inclined impregnator and vertical impregnator. The inclined impregnator has a single screw structure. And vertical impregnator is of vertical double screw, and consists of shell and two vertical screw shafts or single vertical screw shaft by which the pulp will be lifted for transfer.

Technical Parameters

Reactor bin

Reactor bin is one of the key equipment in the APMP process, where material is bleached and reacts with the chemicals after material immerses the chemicals. Material drops to reaction bin from inlet of the bin after they are immersed in the chemicals in the impregnator. When steam goes to the bin, to heat the material with steam, material retains in the bin for some time. After that material will be continuously taken out by discharge screw at the bottom of the bin. Diameter-changing screw shaft can ensure constant time of the material reacting with the chemicals fully and evenly, so that treated material will be prepared for refiner in the Following stage.

Structure Feature

Reactor bin is mainly composed of conical body at the top and several horizontal discharge screw shafts at the bottom. The shaft is pitch & diameter changing (or non-changing diameter) Impeller.

Technical Parameters 

Recausticizing Process Equipments

Traditional Recausticizing Process Flow sheet 

Closed Type Pressure Recausticizing Process Flow sheet


Clarifier is a cylinder vessel with conical bottom, and equipped with drive system and rakes. It applies to clarify green liquor or with liquor. It can separate the lime mud and degrees from the liquor with the help of gravity effect. Clarified liquor overflows from the top of the clarifier. Settled sludge at the conical bottom is collected to the center by rake mechanism. The sludge is pumped by sludge pump.


–      The large scale clarifier’s rake adopts girder structure to increase the strength.

–      Torque value is used to control rake lift, alarm and switch off to prevent mechanism from damage due to two much slurry settlement.

Technical Parameters

Lime Slaker

In the alkali recovery Recausticizing plant, green liquor (Na2CO3) reacts with lime (CaO) to produce emulsion and discharge rejects in the emulsion.


–          The improved feeding and venting structure reduces dust pollution.

–          For screw part, new sealing structure is applied to avoid leakage.

Technical Parameters


Emulsion’s Recausticizing reaction after lime slaker.


–          New type axial flow agitator, reduce power consumption obviously.

–          Moderate agitation, keep mud with larger granularity.

Technical Parameters 

Pressure Filter


–          Small floor space required, high capacity

–          Low solids content in the white liquor clarity ≤ 20 ppm

–          Enclosed operation, less pollution

–          Automatic controlled

Technical Parameters

Precoat Filter

With the help of vacuum generated by vacuum pump, cloth & pre-coat layer are working as filtering media to obtain solid-liquid separation. Precoat Filters are mainly used to wash lime mud in Recausticizing plant. Better clarity and discharge dryness can be achieved through precoat technique at higher vacuum. Continuous renewal technique ensure precoat layer at good condition, lengthen its replace cycle, and guarantee stable capacity and dryness.


–          Applied precoat technology & auto scraper discharging technology, better clarity, higher dryness, low residual alkali content.

–          Continuous renewal technique, stable dryness and capacity, extended precoat layer replacement period, improved production capacity.

–          Distribution valve without divided sections, increasing filter time and production capacity.

Technical Parameters

Lime Mud Disc Filter

Lime mud disc filter is mainly used for lime mud washing and thickening in Recausticizing plant. Its first purpose is to dewater lime mud; the other is to recover alkali. Compared with traditional drum filter, it possesses larger filtration area and production capacity. Partial structure modifications will make it applicable to media dewatering and solid-liquid separation in such industries as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.


–          Fully enclosed design; reducing steam, dust pollution.

–          High automation, easy operation and maintenance

Technical Parameters 

Pressure Disc Filter

As latest white liquor filtering equipment in recausticizing plant, Pressure disc filters fulfills solid-liquid separation by use of cloth and precoat layer with help of positive pressure from compressed air. It can achieve both functions of white liquor filtering and lime mud washing. It is an ideal substitute for white liquor clarifier, lime mud washer or pressure filter.


–          Enclosed positive pressure filtering technique, Increasing pressure difference, improved cake permeability and capacity per unit area.

–          Large capacity but low energy consumption, small floor space; enclosed running condition and no environmental pollution.

–          Disc type filter element and combined technology, increasing filter area, achieving both with liquor filtering and mud washing.

–          Innovated disc structure and scraper discharge mechanism, lime mud precoat technology, filtrate turbidity ≤ 20ppm.

–          Equipped air agitating device, it solves problems of space limit for mechanical agitating layout and unevenly distribution, so to effectively mix caustic emulsion and prevent lime mud settlement.

Technical Parameters 


White Water Recovery and Stock Thickening Equipment

Multi-disc Filter

As the latest generation of White Water Recovery and Stock Thickening Equipment, it can save energy , reduce water consumption and fiber loss content, meantime protect environment and prevent pollutions. It mainly applies to white water recovery in papermaking and stock thickening in pulping. Its performance has successfully reached to the national advanced standards.


–          High rate of fiber recovery during with water recovery, achieving water circulation, reducing water              consumption, preventing white water pollution.

–          High outlet consistency of 10-14% for stock thickening.

–          Various sectors with large effective filtrating area, economical, high strength features, and easy                  to dismantle.

–          All models and sizes are available; filtration area can be adjusted depending on variable capacity                requirements.

–          Mating ring made of anti –friction material and composite sealing belt provides maximum sealing              effectiveness.

–          High automatization, easy operation and reliable capability.

–          Compact structure, less floor space required, high production capacity.

–          Good economic benefit and social benefit.

Technical Parameters

Gravity Disc Thickener

ZNP series gravity disc thickener is mainly used for low consistency stock thickening. Different from traditional vacuum disc filters, the water log installation height is not needed. It can replace traditional gravity decker thickener.


–          Applicable to mechanical wood pulp, waste, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wheat straw pulp with lower freeness (higher beating degree), shorter fiber or higher consistency.

–          Easy operation, reliable running, high production capacity, less power consumption and convenient management.

–          Segments either perforated with stainless steel cloth or grated with polyester cloth.

Technical Parameters


Decker Thickener

Applicable to small production scale, mechanical wood pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp and straw pulp with low freeness (higher beating degree) shorter fiber, higher consistency.

Technical parameters (ZNS Series)

Technical Parameters (ZNW Series) 


Raw waste papers can be produced into de-inking bleaching recycled pulps after kneading, cleaning, screening, de-inking, hot dispersering & bleaching process, etc. Or producing virgin recycled pulps through kneading, cleaning, screening & hot dispersing etc.


Adopting self – friction & action from gravity, midly crashing & coarse screening.


–          Simple structure, less energy consumption.

–          Less fiber cutting, high quality pulp.

–          High impurities removal rate.

–          Reduce subsequent screening and cleaning work, less investment .

–          Low maintenance cost, less shutdown time.

Technical Parameters

WLH/F Types Out Flow Pressure Screen

Suitable for coarse and fine screening of waste paper pulp, chemical pulp, chemical mechanical pulp and straw pulp, also for fine screening before paper machine headbox. It has passed assessment of result with national advanced standards.


–          Adopting many units sort impellers, the pressure screen is smooth in running, low in impulse but high in efficiency.

–          Special designed screen basket and surface treatment procedure can lengthen basket life, optimize user’s  investment and benefit.

Technical Parameters

–          Reduce subsequent screening and cleaning work, less investment.

–          Low maintenance cost, Less shutdown time.

Floatation Deinking Cell

Removal of ink, wax or sticky particles via the preferable absorption principles of bubbles.


–          Effective removal of ink of 5 -500 µ m.

–          Reasonable combination, easy to control liquid level. High capacity and reliable performance.

–          Two stage flotation, high yield, effective removal rate.

–          High brightness under equal capacity, less fiber loss.

Technical Parameters

Double – Wire Press Washer

Suitable for all kinds of paper and pulp washing & thickening, outlet consistency reaching to 28 – 45%.


–          Longer pressing zone, and pressure difference increasing eventually higher thickening ratio and discharging at higher consistency.

–          Speed adjusted automatically so as to adjust the dewatering flow and outlet consistency.

–          Simple structure, stable operation, easy installation & maintenance and low power consumption.

–          Lower white water consistency after pressing, reducing fiber loss contents.

Technical Parameters

Heat Disperser

Separate the residual inks, wax, sticky particles & fibers evenly by hot temperature kneading, enhancing final pulp qualities.


–          High rotation, strong mechanical force and high temperature can granulate glues.

–          Strong mechanical force to fiber can reduce pulp freeness by 50 -80 ml to improve paper strength.

–          Printing ink for newspaper can be well dispersed.

–          Compact structure, less floor area

Technical Parameters

 Screening Equipment 

Different types of Screening equipment from Wenrui – CPK Pressure Knotter, NLS Inward Flow Pressure Screen, XFS Fiber Classification Screen, WLH/F Out Flow Pressure Screen, HYS Pressure Liquor Filter, ZYS MC Pressure Screen,

CPK Pressure Knotter

Used for removing the uncooked in the pulp after cooking, e.g., knots to wood, stalk to straw; also heavy impurities as metals and sand in raw materials.


–          Used for all chemical pulp with consistency of 1% – 4%

–          Small screen hole diameter, low energy consumption and high capacity.

–          Basket exterior surface with latest high abrasive cladding, lengthen basket life.

–          Inward flow structure with rejects and knot removing function; the impurities will not damage                      rotors, safe and reliable running.

–          Unique seal structure for basket, excellent sealing effect and long life span.

Technical Parameters 

ZYS MC Pressure Screen

Used for enclosed screening flow for chemical wood, straw and reed pulp; also used for coarse screening and fine screening for wood, straw and waste paper pulp.


–          Medium consistency Screening, simplified process, water and energy saving

–          Precision process with combination of 3rd generation machining and auto welding, high strength                of screen basket.

–          New rotor structure and section- shaped bars of basket; even distribution, efficient screening                    and high capacity.

–          High abrasive basket with latest cladding technology, precision and perfect process.

Technical Parameters 

HYS Pressure Liquor Filter

HYS Pressure Liquor Filter is mainly used for filtering the black liquor (or red liquor) coming from the cooking stage in pulp & paper mills; it also can be used for recovering fibers from white water; Meantime, it can also be applied to treat with the other effluent in paper mills to remove the impurities and reduce the waste water disposal consumption.


–          Latest basket structure and unique protrude patterns create high frequency impulse for filtering                and cleaning each filtering hole. The mixing power is small but smooth, guaranteeing smooth                      rotary speed around the complete circle and thus increasing the capacity per filtration area                          accordingly.

–          By adopting the world leading wearable cladding technology, the screen basket service life has                  been extended greatly.

–          Optimized screen basket taper holes help the filtrates go through the outlet pipes smoothly and                guarantee the screening efficient.

Technical Parameters 

WLH/F Out Flow Pressure Screen

Suitable for screening of wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper pulp and also refining pulp before headbox


–          The rotor consists of several short impellers, making the screen running smoothly, low impulse                  and high efficiency.

–          Advanced bar type screen basket, and high manufacturing precision improve the screening                        efficiency and capacity.

–          By adopting the world leading wearable cladding technology, the screen basket service life has                  been extended greatly.

Technical Parameters (for WHL Series)

Technical Parameters (For WFL Series) 

XFS Fiber Classification Screen

Used to separate different fibers after coarse screening.


–          Various bar size fit different pulp consistency, optimizing for different classifying ratio.

–          High efficiency for removing the sticky particles, is improve short fiber quality.

–          Special rotor patterns, smooth running, ensures the speed through the screen slot is even and                    uniform, avoid thickening.

Technical Parameters

NLS Inward Flow Pressure Screen

Suitable for fine screening all kind of wood pulp, straw and recycled pulp, especially suitable for screening before paper machine.


–          The rotor is outside of the screen basket. Wide outlet, quick impulse attenuation, low impulse on                wire pulse.

–          Inward flow type, large particles are separated because of the centrifugal force.

–          High impurities screening efficiency, high pulp quality. Low energy consumption and high                            capacity.

Technical Parameters